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Learning to play (± month 0) From birth
Learning to crawl (± month 6)
Learning to Walk (from month 9


A child should be challenged to learn to play, wriggle and learn to walk.
A practical support for playing, crawling, standing and walking for infants aged 2-24 months

My son was only 7 months old when he managed to turn in seconds so that he could lie on his stomach. And he looked around inquiringly to see what was within reach. By turning (or rolling) himself he quickly managed to move, he quickly mastered crawling. This way I could make him roll and crawl as much as possible.

You can stimulate turning (tummy-back, back-tummy) by placing the baby on a blanket and lifting the blanket on one side so that the baby can roll gently. Another option to help the baby roll by hand ( tummy-back, back-tummy). Crawling is important for hip development.

With this approach I started researching crawling and what is available to stimulate this.


Learning to play, crawl and walk

I have been in contact with a Pediatric Physiotherapist who encounters many problems with crawling and even sliding of the buttocks. It is better to avoid sliding buttocks, the emphasis should be on crawling. Based on my research, I came across few products to teach the baby to crawl properly and to prevent problems (such as sliding buttocks).

Strangely enough, there are many baby walkers and even waist harnesses for learning to walk, but you won't find crawler seats anywhere. With the help of Bea van Meeuwen; I started developing the Moby play for children's physiotherapist.

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