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I will translate your company’s mission and vision into contemporary and sustainable communication. My top priority is customer satisfaction.

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Your 'brand' story starts with the moment you set up your company, tells the history of your company and provides insight into your mission, vision, purpose, values ​​and why. And you start that story with a recognizable logo.Your logo is an integral part of making your brand successful - with high-quality products and positive references. A symbol that tells the whole story of a brand in one moment.This applies to any brand, including smaller brands, but also your brand. A logo shows who and what your company is and does.And if it's a powerful image, your customers and prospects will remember it better too. Do you have a design question yourself, or do you want to have your thoughts translated into something tangible? Feel free to contact me!

The story of Markteffect B.V.

Markteffect is a full-service market research agency specializing in five different research areas. A comma as icon of the logo: The comma marks the start of a new definition. With the beautiful thought, "After the comma always comes more" ... The green color of the logo has the association with new life, young, fresh and fresh. 

The story of Atlantis Memorials B.V.

Atlantis Memorials A company in minerals / jewelry, later also 'tailor-made' wedding rings. Founded in 1980 by Jan & Justin Renes. In 2005 they were one of the first companies to market a complete collection of souvenir (as) jewelry. In 2016 Jan Renes transferred his company to Atlantis B.V., subsidiary of Funeral Products B.V. Around the transfer, I was asked to take the Brand Atlantis to a higher level, including a "speaking" and appropriate logo. The icon symbolizes the sunken city of Atlantis.

The Story of Van Oorschotmode B.V.

Van Oorschot Mode was founded in January 1911. The 4th generation, Guus, Marc & Sjoerd, is now active in the family business. A fashion chain with national and international top brands for men and women. See The logo is 110 years old. In 1956 the logo was given a new look when the family business moved from Kerkstraat to Veestraat. In 2014 I removed the old logo from the archive and adjusted it. 

The story of OK Training

The OK Training logo: OK Training is a practice with (individual) psychological care in: Improving communication and cooperation with or between others. People are naturally inclined and able to live in harmony with themselves and others and nature from the attitude "I'm okay, you're okay". "You don't have to be sick to get better" The icons under the logo symbolize: In the "stop" phase you reflect on yourself, in the "pause" phase give yourself rest and receive support. In the "play" phase you are OK again and you can do everything again. In the flushing phase you go to the next chapter with fresh courage. The yellow circle symbolizes a sun that you can always shine again. In 2009, the jury of VELPA Enveloppen B.V. awarded the prize to Gerrit Duits of OK Training 'best corporate identity'.

2D and 3D Design

Do you have other questions or do you need 3D designs in addition to your 2D Communication?
On my site you can see an overview of a selection of my creative projects, which I have designed for my regular customers in collaboration with partners.

A good logo radiates a message when it comes to corporate identity. Translating a vision into a recognizable design is a fascinating challenge for me, which I always enjoy doing. The design process should lead to a unique design in which you can recognize yourself and which supports your activities visually, because every design assignment has its own challenges and problems. Above all my top priority is a satisfied customer. Also, with regard to a corporate identity.

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I am familiar with (retail) marketing, communication, advertising, graphic design and packaging design. On top of that i can do product design, (re-) styling interior / exterior design of shops, displays & visual merchandising.

Giselle Granger Duits

Graphic, Packaging & Product Designer

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